Olive Oil Skincare Company

Proud to be 100% Australian owned with 100% Australian made products, Olive Oil Skincare Company are also 100% dedicated to making only the highest quality extra virgin olive oil beauty products for skin and hair. Their comprehensive range of all-natural products nourish and enrich the body simply by harnessing all of the proven health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.
The regenerating properties of the extra virgin olive oil products made by the Olive Oil Skincare Company all have the capacity to regulate the body's natural moisturising system. It naturally nourishes the skin by improving the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, while also cleansing and moisturising, removing free radicals, and assisting in anti-ageing, as well as encouraging hair growth. Their body washes are also available in lavender, peppermint, or unscented.
The core of their manufacturing philosophy is their own source of extra virgin olive oil, located at a Hillston grove in central New South Wales, Australia, and when it comes to ingredients, they truly believe that less is more. All of their olives are harvested and processed right there on site within 2 hours of being picked, which means they are able to create products which utilise their maximum benefits for natural nourishment.
The humble olive tree and its oil have both been revered for many centuries, and both are still sought after throughout the world today. With its myriad of different uses combined with its uniquely bountiful properties, to say that the olive tree is extraordinary would certainly be an understatement. Known as liquid gold, olive oil can be used both inside and out, on almost every part of the body.
Olive Oil Skincare Company are one of the few soap makers who do not use any Palm Oil in order to produce hard bars of soap and body wash. So not only is their soap exceptional for the skin, but it is also ethically sound. Their soaps are also free from ingredients like colouring agents and chemical fragrances, as well as other sulphates, additives, and foaming agents.
For people who prefer using soap with no extra additives, their unscented range produces a rich lather while also nourishing and moisturising the skin. Their goats milk combined with olive oil nourishes the skin with nutrients like amino acids, essential proteins, as well as vitamin A and C. Only the very finest in Australian honey is used for their Manuka Honey soap with naturally occurring antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
Their Zeolite soap made using the volcanic mineral of the same name, is a powerful exfoliate and antioxidant that is well-known for its innate ability to detoxify heavy metals and other pollutants from skin. They blend Zeolite with goats' milk and olive oil to provide a uniquely unscented soap.
The wide variety of unscented products manufactured by the Olive Oil Skincare Company all use 100% saponified extra virgin olive oil. At their most decadent, they only ever choose to add some pure essential oils so they're able to create their range of scented products. Because the philosophy of the Olive Oil Skincare Company is simple… always naturally nourished.