Wax Movement

Sydney based company, Wax Movement creates uniquely handmade body products, essential oils, and fragrant goods for aromatherapy using eco-friendly soy and coconut wax products. Their range includes essential oils blends and scented soy-based, wood wick, and gemstone infused candles, as well as reed or bullet diffusers, melts, and sage sticks.

People say that they have the most amazing candles available anywhere in Sydney, with gorgeous smelling earthly scents for at home or the office. They also have the most amazing and perfect sized bath bombs, that smell incredible and take a good length of time to dissolve.

​What initially began as a hobby to create unique candle gifts for friends and family at Christmas, quickly led to the idea of using them to fundraise for charity groups. The concept continued to evolve into a product that was available for and much-loved by the broader community, while still continuing to create products intermittently for the charities they love and support.

Designed and created entirely on location in Sydney, Australia, their entire range of wax products are100% vegetable, vegan-friendly, all natural, and biodegradable. Their candles and melts are only manufactured using blends of soy and coconut wax, which are free from GMOs as well as all toxic materials like pesticides or herbicides. They are also never tested on animals and completely free from animal products, including palm oil, palm wax, petroleum, paraffin, beeswax.  

Their range of aromatherapy bullet diffusers provide an alternative method of adding natural fragrances to a small spaces like bathrooms, cars, wardrobes, or even around your desk at work. Their bullets are reusable and refillable, and every one of their diffuser blends are easy to use, great for the environment, and each have their own aromatherapy benefits.

Available in five of their signature blends, Wax Movement aromatherapy bath bombs have all been infused with skin loving ingredients like pure essential oils that will leave your skin feeling silky. Their aromatherapy essential oil melts on the other hand are made from scented wax which releases fragrances when melted slowly inside an oil burner.

The perfect candle for enjoying every day, their naked candle range are a little something special. By far their largest collection of candles, these candles have the longest burn times and come in a crystal-clear jar. Vegan friendly and handmade using high quality soy wax, these candles are infused with fragrance oils and carefully styled to compliment the various tones available in their naked scent range.

Their signature blends of essential oil soaps have all been made using cold processed methods by hand locally on the Central Coast. Their soothing gels on the other hand are ideal for all types of sensitive skin, thanks to the combinations of Australian essential oils, aloe vera, and cucumber oil.

Their aim is the same now as it was when they began, which was to provide premium quality wax products that are both ethically responsible and environmentally conscious. In the future, they hope to continue providing premium quality wax products while maintaining their ethical responsibilities and remaining conscious of the environment.