Sasy n Savy

Sassy means bold, lively, and full of spirit. Savvy means making good judgements. Sasy n Savy combines both of these elements with a range of products for the whole body, from the face, eyes, and lips, to the hair, hands, and feet.
Established in Sydney Australia in 2003, Sasy n Savy are a global award-winning manufacturer of body and hair care products made using uniquely Australian plants and herbs, with natural preservatives wherever possible in order to care for you, your skin, and the environment. Their commitment to quality, ethics and service are the key reason why the brand has become so successful.
Because their range of beauty products are made by combining scientific advancements with the healing benefits of natural ingredients and plant extracts, they are effective, gentle, and completely safe for human use. To help stimulate cell growth, while hydrating, firming, and toning the skin, they only use the very best ingredients that not only care for you, but also the environment.
Capturing the very essence of the native botanical wonders in Australia, their range includes solutions and products for all skin types. Some of the standout ingredients grown naturally in Australia are Kakadu plum extract, which is the highest vitamin C source in the world, wild rosella flower, which is high in protein and other natural nutrients, as well as bearberry leaf, which is a naturally strong antioxidant.
All of their skin care products are 100% natural and free of any chemicals, containing vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. Simply by combining the natural ingredients of plant extracts and with the most recent advances in science, they have been able to manufacture products that are effective, safe, and gentle.
Sasy n Savy products contain over 47 active ingredients with more than 41 associated benefits for the stimulation and production of collagen, which is vital for new skin cell growth. They're committed to providing only the highest quality products at a standard that's beyond expectations with reasonable prices.
They have been recognised around the world as a dynamic company for their innovation, excellence, and creativity, and the rising number of business awards they've received over the last few years especially is a testament to that. People respond well to their range as they know Sasy n Savy only create authentic and considered products, which are available in retail, travel, hotel amenity, and professional sizes.
Beauty brand Sasy n Savy is particularly popular with many international shoppers who are especially interested in their products made using vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum. They're currently exporting to the international high-end luxury market in some of the world's most fashionable shops, including Harrods in London. Sasy n Savy also continues to expand their presence in various other markets.  
The Sasy n Savy philosophy is to live life to the fullest and inspire greatness, by empowering them to take control and feel good about themselves and their lives. If every company around the world aspired to their standards, it would certainly be an amazing place to live.