Tips to Improve Circulation for a Natural Glow


Your face needs to have good blood flow in order to look healthy and glowing. Blood flow is what gives color to your face and prevents it from appearing pale. It is important not just for a glowing face, but also for your overall health.

A circulatory system that works properly is critical for your health. Proper circulation is the process through which oxygen and nutrients are carried throughout the body. If you have poor circulation, then that means the blood does not reach the parts of the body where it needs to go; consequently, this should concern you since your overall health depends on how well blood circulates in your body.

Signs of Poor Circulation in the Body

One of the most common symptoms of poor circulation in the body is numbness in hands and feet. If you have a tingling sensation or numbness in your hands and/or feet, the poor circulation is the first thing you should suspect.

A poor circulatory system not only affects the glow on your face, but it can also cause serious health issues such as cardiovascular diseases clogged arteries and stroke. Therefore, ignoring poor circulation in your body or underestimating its impact on your health is a mistake you should not make.

6 Ways to Get Better Blood Flow and Circulation for a Glowing Skin and Improved Health

What follows are 6 ways you can improve blood flow and circulation in your body for a natural glow and improved health.

1.    Walk in Nature

We will start with a very basic tip that is easy to practice. We recommend walking in nature and spending time outside because it is known to improve oxygen supply to the skin and the general blood flow of body, including your face.

2.    Cold Compresses

If you really are busy person and you have no time to take a walk, the we recommend hot and cold compresses to your face.  This is how it works: you have two towels and hot and cold water in two separate bowls. No dip one towel into the cold water and apply to your face.

Follow this with the application of the other towel after dipping it into the bowl of hot water. Keep each towel on your face for a minute and do this for ten to fifteen minutes. Within a shorty time, you blood vessels will adapt to temperatures and this will automatically improve your blood flow, giving your face and skin a nice, pink glow.

3.    Stretching

After you wake up in the morning, stretching is one of the best things you can do to improve your blood flow and circulation. This only takes a minute or so. Considering the health benefits of this, it is definitely worth it. When you stretch, your body takes in more oxygen than usual and then moves it to your muscles, improving blood flow and circulation.

4.    Yoga

Yoga is an ancient mind and body practice and it can help you keep your heart healthy while improving your metabolic rate.  Some yoga moves are especially advised for a better circulation. The best moves to cure a poor circulation are downward-facing dog pose, warrior pose, and lifting legs up.  These moves will stretch your veins and make the stagnant blood flow easier in your limbs. This will help make your skin look healthy and young.

For a post-yoga glow, you can try a natural, Australian-made face wash like the Face Wash Juniper Orange 300ml.

This natural, Australian-made face wash from the Olive Oil Skin Care Company contains vitamins and antioxidants which fight the signs of aging and cleanse your skin to ensure that post-yoga glow in your face and skin. The cost of this is only $22.00.

5.    Drink Tea

The antioxidants in tea protect heart health and expand your arteries to increase blood flow to your body parts. All kinds including white, green and black tea have this positive effect on health. According to a study, black tea improves blood vessel health. Another study finds out that green tea consumption is associated with a lower rate of coronary artery disease.

6.    Maintain a Healthy Weight

The heavier you are, the further blood has to travel through your bloodstream.  So, shedding the extra weight takes away the strain on your heart and reduces health risks. Additionally, being overweight leads to high blood pressure and varicose veins in feet and legs, which are twisted and enlarged veins right underneath the skin in the legs.

With the 6 ways listed above, you can improve the flow of blood in your body, resulting in a natural glow and improved overall health.


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