Get Scrubbing – Health Benefits For Our Skin

When it comes to looking after our skin, there is no question that our face is one of the most important areas to tend to. From being brought up with hats on heads and sunscreen plastered across our bodies, there comes a pivotal time when the responsibility shifts. While mum’s nagging never leaves you (we all know mum is ALWAYS right), there comes a time when the ball falls into your court to develop a good skin care routine. From those carefree days without a worry in the world – least of all aging skin – to suddenly being thrown into the world of beauty without so much as a roadmap. It can be dauting to say the least. Everywhere you look you will read different advice and before long your head will fill with dos and don’ts that add to that confusion.

Let us take it back a step and focus on one important area of skincare: body & facial scrubs. You may have already read many mixed opinions of the subject, from being too harsh on the skin to people using them daily. We are going to share everything you need to know about these scrubs and how they work, so it’s one less thing you have to think about when it comes to your skincare routine. It’s all about the baby steps.

What Are Scrubs?

Body & face scrubs are a great way to exfoliate your skin. They go a step further than simply washing your face or body with soap or a cleanser. Face scrubs contain small particles, beads, or chemicals which are used to get rid of the old skin cells and make way for the new ones. Body scrubs generally have larger particles that can be a bit rougher. The idea of both types of scrubs is to exfoliate your skin and leave it healthier. Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells. Your skin naturally sheds itself to make new room for cells every 30 days or so. However, sometimes these dead cells don’t shed completely. This results in dry, flaky patched and blocked pores. The idea of exfoliating is to prevent this.

Here are some of the most common questions people ask when it comes to face scrubs:

  • Are face scrubs too harsh on the skin? there is no clear answer for this one, but it does come down to finding the right scrub. Most aren’t too harsh at all, they have been designed to be gentle on your face, without causing damage. You should never use a body scrub on your face. There are generally harsher and can actually tear your delicate face tissue. Look for a scrub that doesn’t contain any large, irregular shaped particles, such as shells. This is what will tear your skin and cause damage.
  • Will face scrubs get rid of acne? Ah, don’t we all wish this one were true. The truth is, if anything, a face scrub could cause a flare up. Once again, it comes down to choosing one that is gentle on the skin, without causing abrasions. At the same time, a face scrub can help prevent the acne from appearing in the first place. By opening up your pores
  • Should I use a face and body scrub daily? The good news is, this one is up to you. If you have found a great, gentle face scrub, you can actually you it once or twice a day. It can replace your cleanser, or you can double cleanse with it. After your scrub, simply rinse it off your skin, pat dry and continue with the rest of your routine. The same goes for your body – there is no harm in doing it daily, or just twice a week if it works better for you.
  • Should I scrub my lips? Many people work hard to avoid the lip area, but guess what, a scrub is very beneficial for this part of your body. They have specific scrubs available just for this area, helping to soften and smooth your lips. It helps exfoliate them so they can recover from exposure to the elements such as wind or sun.

Choosing Your Scrubs

With so many choices on the market, how do you choose the best one for you? Here are some of our favourites:

Charles + Lee Face Scrub: this is one face scrub that doesn’t contain the bones of an ancient T-rex… ie it is soft and gentle on the skin. It is infused with Witch Hazel, Vitamin A and Goji Berry.

Olive Oil & Skincare Company: perfect for all skin types, this one can be used everyday without a worry.

Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub: a great one for your body, this scrub is nourishing and gentle on your body and can be used daily. It uses limes which are known for their antibacterial properties.

Tea Tree Leaf Body Scrub: this vegan and natural body scrub has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties to leave skin feeling clean and smooth.


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