How To: Feel More Positive

It’s somewhat easier said than done, to think and be more positive, especially when times are tough. It’s become socially acceptable for people to misjudge someone's circumstances and be quick to throw the ‘be more positive!’ around like it’s confetti.  However, there is so much more to it then re-posting a positive quote on Instagram and hoping for the best.

We explore some different ways you can easily and instantly feel more positive, so you can take on your issues headfirst with a realistic approach to feeling better.

Call out your problems

As soon as a negative emotion creeps up on you for whatever reason or situation you have been dealt with, you need to accept and call out the fact that you are feeling X way because of Z and understand you’re allowed to feel how you feel. Once you have identified the feelings and emotions that have been brought on, change the way you see things to help ease the negative emotions and flip them into positive. 

This means you start to challenge your own thoughts and bring everything up to the surface to see if what you are thinking is really serving you, and if not, how can you see things differently? Perspective is key.

Give back 

When you start to lose sight of what’s really important (relationships, soul connections, happiness) you can tend to think that your problems deserve a hall pass to stick around and take center stage of your life. However, sometimes all it takes to bring you back down to earth and realise just how little your problems are is to give back to someone in need. 

A small, simple act of kindness can bring you instant joy and lift your spirits. Whether this is a regular occurrence, or you see someone in need of a little extra help and support, giving back brings you immense joy and instant gratification. 

Interesting in helping others? Learn about the R U OK Organisation here

Utilise social media 

As much as social media can be seen as a negative tool for breeding unrealistic expectations, it can just as much be used for good. The next time you’re scrolling on social media, start to unfollow the people or accounts that do not make you feel good or happy. Next, find people or accounts that share uplifting and feel-good vibes. You can then rely on these types of accounts to give you an instant boost of positivity when you’re down in the dumps. The more like-minded accounts you follow, the more you will see this content in your feed (thanks, a social algorithm!) and as It’s unrealistic to think that people are going to swap out their phone time for alone time, instead let’s utilise social media for our benefits. Another great social platform is Pinterest - hundreds of thousands of images and content just waiting for you to come across. Searching “feel good”, “positive affirmations” and “self-love” keywords will provide you with an abundance of positive content you can benefit from, such as saving images for your wallpaper, printing affirmations out for your home and just being a constant reminder to change your perspective. 

Look after you

When you take care of your mind, body, and soul, you’re on the right path to creating positivity and happiness within your world. Dedicating some time each day for eating well, exercising, reading, journaling, meditating, spending time in nature and doing anything that makes you feel good, is a sure way to shift your mindset and get those happy endorphins floating through you. When you take time for yourself, you’re essentially claiming that you respect and value yourself which of course feels really good. You come first, so make sure you spend quality time with yourself doing things you love. 

Last-minute tips to feel more positive

  • Spend time with people who make you feel happy
  • Dedicate 30 minutes every single day to doing something that makes you feel good inside (reading, painting, singing, walking etc)
  • Discover daily affirmations and positive quotes via Pinterest and make them part of your morning routine 
  • Consider meditation (learn about Transcendental Meditation here)
  • Do something you have never done before, such as Stand Up Paddleboard
  • Make your favourite cup of tea, sit in the shade and listen to nature
  • Invest in facials, massages and getting your hair done. Anything that makes you look and feel good is worth it

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