Understanding Distance Healing and Its Benefits

For thousands of years, mystics have claimed that we all exist in unison and are part of a single energy source within a unified and intelligent field. Due to this underlying field’s energy, we can use distant healing to create positive experiences and alter the energies shaping our lives.

Since it is a practice not restricted by time and distance, distance healing can help the recipient to heal quickly, both emotionally and physically. This may sound far-fetched on paper, but distance healing can be used to heal a person from afar and without any physical connection. This is because, in distance healing, the healing practitioner and recipient connect via the universal energy field rather than by touch.

With this healing practice, you can change your life from a state of confusion, diseases, disharmony, struggle, pain, and conflict to a state of happiness, well-being, and good health.

How to Use Distance Healing for Your Good

The purpose of distance healing is to provide the recipient with wellness that is holistic, which can be used in conjunction with medical practice. In other words, distance healing is a treatment that complements medicines to ensure a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, not many people can grasp the rationale behind distance healing. This prevents them from using this healing practice to their advantage. The good news is that the rationale or logic behind distance healing is quite simple: we all exist in unison and are part of a single energy source within a unified and intelligent field. Below are three ways to distance healing for your good.

1.    Prayer

The most common and easiest way to perform distance healing is prayer. This practice involves the practitioner directing healing energies and using visual imagery and positive intentions. Additionally, the practitioner may request angels, God, or some other spiritual being during the healing process to bring about the desired healing outcome.

The key to this practice and all other forms of healing is that the person receiving the healing must have the belief or faith that they can be healed. To ignite this belief or faith in you, the prayer must be performed in a space with a scent that relaxes the mind and body.  One way to ensure this is by using a natural and Australian made scented candles such as the Wax Movement Essential Oil Candles.

This wax candle contains a blend of coconut and soy wax. It adds a natural scent to your space. The natural scent of the candle can calm your mind and relax your body to increase the effectiveness of the prayer. The wax candle can be bought for a bargain price of $ 28.

2.    Pranic Healing

The healing that utilizes the life force energy of the body, pranic healing comes from the word ‘prana,’ which means life-force. A term that originated thousands of years ago, prana is part of the Sanskrit language. In recent times, this form of healing was popularized by Master Choa Kok Sui, who taught thousands of people how to perform it.

Pranic healing is a simple method that treats the energy body to restore balance and harmony as well as transform the life-force of the recipient to keep their body alive and healthy. This healing practice works like hands-on healing. However, unlike the latter, it does not require any physical touch to be effective.

3.    Reiki

The third and probably the most effective form of distance healing is reiki. A term that means universal life energy, reiki was first introduced to the public by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922. Reiki distance healing works based on ‘Hon Sha Ze Nen.’ This technique is said to be one of the most powerful ways of performing distance healing and rightly so.

Like prayer healing, pranic healing and reiki should be performed in a room with a calming and relaxing scent to get the most benefit out of them. For this purpose, you can use a natural and Australian made product such as the Wax Movement Reed Diffusers.

A great way to freshen up any place in your home, these reed diffusers can add a sense of calm to space where you perform pranic healing or reiki, allowing you to the maximum benefit from these healing practices. The price of diffusers? Only $28.

The Benefits of Distance Healing

The healing practitioner can manipulate and direct energies to remove the causes of disturbances in the subtle-energy field once they are in touch and well connected with the field and able to feel the subtle energies surrounding the recipient. Through our common connection within the field, this can be done from anywhere, to anywhere.  Following are some of the main benefits of distance healing.

1.    Deep Relaxation and Harmony

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be severely injured or ill to benefit from distance healing. By offering deep relaxation and harmony, reiki distance healing benefits almost everyone. As it ensures harmony and deep relaxation, distance healing is a good choice during marriage proposals, dates, vacations, or other special occasions.

2.    Benefits that Help You Excel in Life

Distance healing is known to boost memory and creativity. Moreover, it calms anxiety and emotions and brings harmony and clarity. All these things help you to excel in life. For instance, with improved memory and creativity, you’re able to perform better in test exams. At the same time, a calmer and clearer mind helps you to deal with a situation better, such as public speaking sessions, job interviews, auditions, and business meetings.

3.    Health Benefits

Finally, there are health benefits of using this healing practice. Firstly, you can clear the toxins in your body with this practice. Secondly, and more importantly, it revitalizes the recipient and fills them with energy.

As seen above, distance healing has many benefits. If you want to improve your overall health and wellness, then using one of the distance healing practices detailed above is a great way to do that.


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  • I like how you mentioned that one of the advantages of distance healing is that it can provide deep relaxation during things such as marriage proposals. My brother is wanting to propose to his girlfriend soon but he hasn’t been able to do it yet because it is stressing him out greatly. I’ll be sure to mention to him that he should try distance healing so that he can be calmer. http://heartflamehealing.com/healing-services/distance-healing/

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