5 Tips For Detoxing Your Life

Transitioning into a new month is a great time for a detox. Not just for the body, but for your mind, surroundings, and soul. More often than not, when you shift one aspect of your life for the better, it has a ripple effect on all aspects of your life. 

We’ve curated five easy tips you can start implementing now to help detox your life!

Detox your home

Start with your sanctuary. Room by room, throw away what no longer serves you. Dedicate some time to clean and tidy your home and once you’re done, open the windows, pop on an oil diffuser and add a few drops of Sage. Recognised for being a fantastic environment cleanser, sage is said to help promote tranquility and healing. 

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Detox your mind 

We know you’ve heard this before, but it’s for a good reason. Heal your mind through meditation. Meditating can work wonders! It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-awareness, lower blood pressure, promote clear thinking and a better night's sleep. 

Learn about the benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Detox your body 

Lemon and water can seem very basic, so we prefer to add some mixed berries and lime! When it comes to detoxing your body though, you can start with a simple morning walk to help pump the endorphins and clear your mind. If you’ve been enjoying a few too many wines and Ubereats orders, now might be the perfect time to enjoy a home-cooked meal with lots of greens. Think about your body as a vehicle - it needs to be maintained regularly to work to its full potential, including repairs and upgrades. When your body is craving a break from highly processed foods, unnecessary chemicals and lack of sleep, you need to stop and listen to your body. Dedicate one night this week to a self-loving massage using a beautiful natural oil. Massages work magically in helping to relieve stress and tension. 

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Detox your soul 

Are you craving some me-time? Part of detoxing your life includes rejuvenating your soul to help you feel good from the inside, out. We recommend dedicating 10 minutes in the morning prior to starting your day with journaling out your intentions, what you’re grateful for and anything that comes to mind. Even better, sit by the ocean, take a few deep breaths and spritz a hydrating mist on your face and around you to encourage some blissful moments. Water represents a life - birth, fertility and refresh, so the mix of fresh ocean water and the hydrating mist can really help to feed your soul with positivity.

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Detox your relationships 

Do you ever feel guilty or resentful with certain people in your life? Is it time to cull your social media following and start setting some boundaries? A life detox is not complete without considering your relationships. It doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, but detoxing your relationships is essential for feeling good. You are the top five people you spend your time with, so choose wisely. 

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