How To Use A Natural Body Exfoliator

Silky, smooth skin is easier to achieve than you think. When you’re seeking the royal treatment, seek no further than your own shower! All you need is a natural body exfoliator infused with natural essential oils to help reveal glowing, healthy skin.

First, you want to ensure your shower water temperature is warm and there is slight steam - this helps to open the pores and allow the body scrub to work its magic! Allow for about 3 minutes before using a body exfoliator as this helps to give your pores enough time to open up.

Tip: If you’re suffering from body acne or skin irritations, be gentle when you exfoliate the area(s) and opt for a scrub that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties like the MEDES Beauty Tea Tree Scrub, which helps to reduce acne and leave the skin feeling clean and smooth.

Next, use a decent amount of scrub on your hands and rub all over your body. If you like, you could also use an in-shower body brush to reach the parts you can’t, such as your back (unless you have a thoughtful partner!) Use a circular motion to ensure you’re getting the most out of the product, and allow the product to infuse into your skin.

Tip: To help balance oil production and deeply cleanse pores, try the MEDES Beauty Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub which contains lime, lemon, and salt - these ingredients all work harmoniously together to provide a deep cleanse, kill bacteria, and minimise the appearance of anti-aging.

Keep in mind that if you have any open wounds or skin irritations, you should avoid using a scrub on those areas.

Finally, you want to rinse off the scrub and pat-dry your body post-shower. After polishing your body with a natural body scrub, you want to lock in all the moisture and encourage the smooth skin to glow for hours on end, so opt for a natural body oil or moisturiser that’s infused with essential oils.

Quick tips:

  • If you suffer from cracked heels, use the MEDES Beauty Bamboo Stem Body Scrub to help remove dead skin cells and assist in revealing smooth, soft heels. Follow-up with your favourite moisturiser and pop on your favourite socks before you sleep. You’ll wake up with super soft feet!
  • Dry lips? Try the MEDES Beauty Australian Walnut Body Scrub mixed in with a natural essential oil such as Jojoba Oil and create your own lip exfoliator. Use a pea-size amount infused with the oil and scrub your lips together. Kissable and soft!

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