Tips For Creating a Body Care Routine

There's no better feeling then when you’ve dedicated some time to self-care and nurture yourself. This can include having the evening off to just sip on a cup of herbal tea, read your favourite book, or enjoy a bubble bath in peace.

We love the idea of creating the ultimate at-home spa day to encourage more self-care and more self-love!

When it comes to self-care, we’re sharing three tips for creating the best body care routine so you can feel good with minimal effort. We’re talking a glowing skin routine to make you look and feel amazing.

Don’t skimp on exfoliating

Using a body scrub to remove dead skin and help promote healthy glowing skin is the pinnacle step for creating the best body care routine. When you use a natural body exfoliator infused with natural oils, you’re going to see immediate results of rejuvenated and super fresh skin. Exfoliation also helps with blood circulation and leaves your skin looking radiant and healthy.

We recommend using a natural body exfoliator two-three times a week for your whole body, including your hands and feet. Opt for a natural and vegan scrub so you know that you’re feeding your skin safe and beneficial ingredients.

Struggling with a particular body skin issue? See below for our recommendations.

Inflamed and/or irritated skin

We recommend using a natural body exfoliator which includes anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties which help reduce acne and leave the skin feeling clean and smooth such as the MEDES Beauty Tea Tree Leaf Body Scrub.

Body acne

We recommend a deep cleansing natural body exfoliation that works to balance oil production and kill bacteria that can onstage breakouts and acne such as the MEDES Beauty Australian Sea Salt Body Scrub.


We recommend using a deeply nourishing and hydrating natural body exfoliation that incorporates regenerating ingredients that help to leave skin looking and feeling radiant and moisturised, such as the MEDES Beauty Bamboo Stem Body Scrub.


We recommend using a natural body exfoliator that is infused with an abundance of vitamins and minerals that help to reveal a natural healthy glow such as the MEDES Beauty Australian Walnut Body Scrub.

Use a body oil

After using a natural body exfoliator to cleanse your skin, we suggest you using body oil. Natural body oils can work wonders when it comes to in-shower usage - it’s the perfect way you can get a smooth shave, hydrate your skin post-scrub and reveal super soft and silky skin! Apply the body oil all over your skin whilst letting the steam from the shower soak into your pores.

Our pick: Sas n Savy Rejuvenate Massage Oil 125ml, $35


Lock in the moisture

No body-care routine is complete without locking in all the goodness with a natural hydrating body moisturiser! Help your skin to replenish and rehydrate by using a deliciously thick and creamy body butter that’s infused with essential oils and antioxidants. Make sure you moisturiser all over, and as a tip to help heal worn-out feet, pop on a pair of socks before bed and you’ll wake up with super soft feet!

Our pick: The Olive Oil Skincare Body Butter Orchid Essence 75g $19.99

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