Weight Training

Weight Training Allows You to Recreate Your Body

Weights are the tool that you can use to sculpt your body just like a potter shapes a piece of clay. It allows you to add, subtract, reshape, tone and define specific parts of your body with weight training exercises. Be aware, however, that you cannot spot reduce body fat. So, the calorie burn that we detailed in the last section will come off evenly from all over your body.

Weight Training Makes You Sexy Strong

In case you missed the memo, strong is the new sexy. And weight training is the best way to get strong. So long as you do the right exercise the right way, you will build strength that is functional for everyday applications. When you get stronger from weight training you will find it easier to do your everyday tasks, from carrying the groceries to changing a tire. 

Weight Training Shapes Muscle

Contrary to what many people think, muscle is not your enemy. In many respects, it is just the opposite. As we’ve already discovered, muscle will help you to burn body fat more efficiently. It is also what gives shape to your body. Your curves come from muscle. Yet, as you age you begin to lose that shapely muscle. Weight training will help you to preserve your muscles. 

Weight Training Improves Your Self Confidence

Working out with weights is challenging. It calls for the development of such inner qualities as discipline, determination, resilience and commitment. You will become a goal setter and a goal achiever. All of those things will significantly boost your self confidence. There is, in fact, research to the effect that working out with weights produces similar effects to taking medication for depression. The difference is that there are no side effects associated with weight training!

3 Weight Training Myths Debunked

Myth No.1: Working out with weights will make me too bulky.

The Truth: You simply do not have enough testosterone in your system to build huge muscles. Toned, shapely body parts are what you’re more likely to end up with.

 Myth No.2: My muscles will turn to fat if I stop exercising.

The Truth: Muscle cannot turn into fat and vice versa. People who stop exercising may find a layer of fat beginning to cover the muscle due to less calorie burning.

Myth No.3: Weight training will make me muscle bound.

The Truth: Weight training, when done properly, will actually enhance flexibility due to working a muscle through its full range of motion and the strengthening of opposing muscle groups, such as the biceps and triceps.


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